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Perks of a Homeowners Association

Posted by renusingh on June 8, 2017
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Some potential homebuyers turn away from neighborhoods with homeowners associations, but HOAs can offer homeowners a lot of benefits. The number of HOA communities has increased over the past decade because more homeowners and neighborhoods are realizing there are perks to having a homeowners association. Here are five reasons you should consider living in a community with an HOA:


Maintenance of Property Values


Anyone who has ever lived next to a neighbor who neglected their yard or painted their home an unappealing color knows the feeling of being concerned that a neighbor’s actions can affect their own property value. With an HOA, limitations are built into homeowner agreements that benefit the community’s overall appearance and property values. Residents are held accountable for their contribution to the community’s overall property values.


Amenities and Services


Some HOA communities have community parks, pools, community centers, exercise facilities, walking trails, tennis courts, or other amenities that are included with the HOA membership. Some homeowners associations cover gutter care, lawn care, waste removal, road and sidewalk maintenance, snow removal, or other services that help you maintain your yard. Some HOAs even have pet restrictions depending on your preference.


Sense of Community


HOAs promote a high level of civic involvement. In general, HOA boards are determined by nominations and elections. Many HOAs hold annual community gatherings. Community activities can bring neighbors closer together and help them develop a sense of community pride.




Some HOAs facilitate neighborhood watch programs, place gates around the community, hire security personnel to monitor the neighborhood, and offer a general sense of heightened security to its members.


Mediation for Neighborhood Disputes

Part of an HOAs purpose is to mediate disputes among neighbors. If your neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking, if your neighbor leaves his trash can in front of your driveway all week, if you have a neighbor who likes loud parties, etc., the HOA will address the problem saving you the awkward conversation. However, because of the rules put in place by an HOA, you likely won’t have many problems in the first place.