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Selecting the Best School for Your Child in Northridge

Posted by renusingh on December 14, 2018
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One of the most influential schools on the real estate of Northridge is Granada Hills Charter High School (GHCHS).  GHCHS is a completely independent charter school, which means it is not affiliated with LAUSD. It was associated with LAUSD till the early 2000s but the budget cuts and adhering to the orders of the district administration caused impediments to their fundraising ventures. To provide the best facilities to the students of the school, the administration appealed to the Los Angeles Board of Education to grant them the charter status which ensues fiscal and functional autonomy. This facilitated them with the resources to make investments and take decisions to create a nurturing environment for the children.

GHCHS, the most prestigious institution in Northridge

The school has a capacity to admit 4300 students for now. Due to a rise of student enrollment applications and an increase in funds the school has appealed to increase their capacity to 5500 students. There is a possibility of another acquisition and the campus area of the school might increase further.

GHCHS is one of the finest among the other Northridge local schools, dedicated to providing the best education and amenities for development of the children. Not only do they have an impressive campus, but they also have highly qualified and experienced faculty, labs equipped with state of the technologies and the latest sports facilities.

Geographical criteria for enrolling in GHCHS

It is a residential school, so if you live within the boundaries set by LAUSD, then you can automatically go to GHCHS.  GHCHS is one of the top schools in the city and state. They have won the National Academic Decathlon 6 times in the last 8 years.   

Purchasing property in GHCHS boundaries

Many families looking to purchase a home in the Northridge, place an emphasis on being the GHCHS boundaries, since it is very difficult to get admission through open enrollment.  This help to drive up home prices within that boundary, which is approximately Balboa Ave. on the east, Corbin Avenue on the west and the southern border is Plummer St.

Other reputed Northridge local schools for the residents

For those who are looking to reside in Northridge but want more options of Northridge local schools, there are plenty of other reputed elementary schools there as well. There are several highly regarded elementary schools including Beckford and Topeka Drive, as well as the highly regarded Nobel Middle School.  These schools are all “affiliated charters”, which means they are still part of the LAUSD school district and control, but they have more control over their individual school site and plans. These schools are highly sought after by young families. An added benefit is that many homes that fall within the boundaries for these elementary schools are also within the boundaries for Nobel Middle School and GHCHS.